Let Your Light So Shine! The Light of Christ!

As we near the end of the Epiphany season we hear Jesus’ injunction to let our lights shine amid the darkness that is all around us. Soon we will sing “The light of Christ!” at the Easter Vigil and affirm once again that it is God’s light that exposes injustice, bigotry, hatred, and violence. The light of Christ glows brightly in our flames of love for one another. On the Fifth Sunday of Epiphany the school children and adults of Grace Lutheran Church, River Forest, accompanied by a woodwind quintet and organ, and joined by the congregation, performed my baptismal anthem, “Let Your Light So Shine.” I encourage you to watch this performance on YouTube at 49:20 and give thanks for the light of Christ that shines through our baptismal faith and action. If you have time watch the entire service and see the best of Lutheran liturgy where music serves as the glue throughout to reaffirm a common theme. Thanks to Cantor and Pastor Michael Costello for his leadership and willingness to undertake new expressions of the faith! See his setting of “In Thee is Gladness” available from MorningStar Music as performed with children and woodwind quintet at 1:00:50. Let your light so shine!

Published by pauldavidweber

I am a composer, pastor, and educator from Staunton, VA, passionate about music and the church!

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