Assembly Canticles, Responses, Prayers

Arise and Shine, Our Light has Come! (1969)
For Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Christ the King, and General Use
Unison Choir, Assembly, Organ, Brass Quartet, Timpani, Crash Cymbals

Blessed (2003)
Assembly with Organ

Four Liturgical Songs on Reformation Tunes (various years)
Glory to God in the Highest (Allein Gott in der Höh)
This Is the Feast of Victory (Ein feste Burg)
Holy, holy, holy (Jesaia, dem Propheten) 2 settings
Thankful Hearts and Voices Raise (Es ist das Heil)

Gloria Patri for the University Church in Yale (1976) Listen
Assembly and Organ with Traditional, LSB, and ICET texts

I Want to Know Christ (2016), Funeral Sentences Assembly
Unison and Keyboard

I Will Sing the Story of Your Love (1997)
Winner of ALCM composition contest; incorporates WACHET AUF
Cantor or SATB, Organ, Assembly [Augsburg 11-10839 OP]

Kyrie Canon (1998) Assembly
Assembly and Organ (See Erin’s Canon for piano version.)

Lamb of God (2002) from Lutheran Service Book Listen Version with descant
Unison or Harmony with Organ, opt. Instrumental Descants, opt. String Quartet
English and Latin settings

Let Your Light So Shine (2020), Assembly Baptismal Song Listen Assembly
Unison with Keyboard

Lord, Receive This Company (1995), A Prayer for Unity Listen Assembly
Assembly with Organ

Thanks Be to God! (2015) Listen Assembly
Assembly w/ opt. Choral or C Instrument Descant

The Lord’s Prayer (2006) Listen Assembly
Assembly in unison or harmony with opt. keyboard

The Son of Man Came Not to be Served – Glory Be to Jesus (2003, rev. 2014)
Assembly, SATB, and Organ

This Is the Feast [Ein feste Burg] (1999, rev. 2009, 2016) Listen Assembly
Version 1: Assembly with Organ (1999), opt. Brass and Timpani (2009)
Version 2: Revised Unison Festival Version with Brass Quartet, Timpani, and Organ (2016)

This Is the Feast [based on MORGENLIED] (2012) Listen Assembly
Assembly and Organ

Three Commandment Assembly Songs with Piano and opt. Flute (1989)
I Am the Lord Your God
Remember the Sabbath Day
Honor Your Father and Your Mother

To the Lamb Be Glory (1975)
Unison Choir, Organ, Suspended Cymbal, Assembly, opt. Brass Quartet
[Concordia Publishing House 98-2299 OP]

We Are Not Ashamed of the Gospel (2017)
SATB, Assembly, Trumpet, and Piano

We Praise You, O God [Te deum] (2001) Listen Assembly
Version 1: Assembly and Organ w/ opt. Brass
Version 2: SATB and Organ w/ Brass and Assembly

When You Pass through the Waters (2009)
Assembly and Piano – see the published anthem for the accompaniment

Worthy Is Christ (from two Liturgies)
1. Alternate Hymn of Praise from Holy Emmanuel Liturgy for Assembly and Organ Listen Assembly
2. Hymn of Praise from The Liturgy of the Holy Trinity for Assembly and Organ or Piano Listen Assembly