These hymns are included in my new Hymnary: So Great A Cloud of Witnesses (2021) now available from Augsburg Fortress.

A Woman and a Coin (tune for Vajda text)
Abide in Me (text and tune)
All Who Love and Serve Your City (tune for Routley text) 
Listen to a recording of my hymn and descants.
At Calvary We Worship You (text and tune) View
Born for Resurrection (tune for Habel text)
Break Open the Jar (text and tune)
Christ is Alive (tune for Wren text)
Christ Will Rule with Might and Mercy (tune for Edwards text)
Come, God Made Flesh, Incarnate Lord (text and tune)
Come, Let Us Celebrate the Holy Trinity (text and tune)
Come, Lord Jesus, Do I Dare (tune for L’Engle text) 
Come Quickly, O Lord Jesus (text and tune)
Come, Share the Spirit [1986] (two tunes for Grindal original text)
Come, Share the Spirit [2019] (two tunes for Grindal revised text)
Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (tune for Wesley text)
Fight the Good Fight (tune for Monsell text) 
Founded on Faith (text and tune)
Gift of Life (multiple texts and tune)
God’s Only Son, the Word Alone (text and tune)
He Is the Image (text and tune)
Hill of Crosses (text and tune) 
This hymn and setting were inspired by the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania.
Holy Emmanuel, God With Us Ever (text and two tunes)
How Lovely and How Pleasant (tune for Vajda text)
How Lovely Is the One Who Brings Glad Tidings (text and tune)
In Bethlehem (tune for Jowers text)
Jesus Christ Imprisoned Sin (tune for text adaptation of Luther)
Jesus Christ, in His Flesh (Felde text and tune from Papua New Guinea)
Jesus on the Mountain Peak (two tunes for Wren text)
Joy in the Waters of Life (text and tune)
Joyous Light of Radiant Glory (text and tune)
Light’s Glittering Morn (tune for Neale text) 
Lo! He Comes, with Clouds Descending (tune for Wesley text)
Lord, Hear Our Prayer (text and tune)
Lord, I Believe!
(text and tune)
Lord Jesus, Be Our Holy Guest
(tune for traditional text)
Lord Jesus, You Once Walked the Earth (text and tunes by Amanda Weber)
Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace
(tune arrangement for Spannaus text)
Lord, Receive This Company (tune for Teilhard de Chardin text)
My Love Is Yours Forevermore
(text and tune)
My People, Hear What I Am Saying (text and tune)
Now Thank We All Our God (tune for Rinkhart text)
Oh, Blest the House
(tune for von Pfeil text)
O Little Town of Bethlehem
(tune for Brooks text)
O Lord of Glory, Send Us All (tune for Cardinal DiNardo text)
O Mighty Lord (text and tune) 
O Sinless Lamb of God (text and tune)
Open Wide Our Hands (text and two tunes)
Out of Silence Music Rises (tune for Daw text)
Praise the Savior (tune for Fortunatus text) 
Resplendent Trinity (text and tune)
Sing for Joy! (text and tune)
Sing, O Heavenly Choir of Angels (text and tune)
Sleepers, Look with Weary Eyes (two tunes for Doering text)
So Great a Cloud of Witnesses (text and two tunes plus Bender tune)
So Much to Sing About (three tunes for Vajda text)
Strengthen for Service (tune for Syriac Liturgy text)
The Lord is My Shepherd (tune for ICEL translation)
The Royal Banners Forward Go (tune for Fortunatus/Neale text) Preview 
The Wellspring of God’s Saving Grace (text and tune)
This Child of Ours (isometric and rhythmic tunes for Vajda text)
This is a Day, Lord, Gladly Awaited (tune for Rowthorn text)
Today Is New Creation Day (two tunes for Habel text)
We Praise You, God, For Truth Received (tune for Stuempfle text)
We Will Always Serve the Lord (text and tune)
When in Our Music God Is Glorified (tune for Green text)
Where You Are, There Is Life (tune for Vajda text)
You Are a Rose of Beauty (text and tune)
You Are the Life! (text and tune) 
You’ve Chosen Me (Felde text and tune from Papua New Guinea)
Zion, Dwelling of the Lord
(two tunes for Vajda text)