Psalm Settings

Psalm 16 (2015)
SATB, Cantors, Oboe, Organ, w/ Assembly Refrain

Psalm 18 (2006)
Unison and Organ [Augsburg Fortress: Psalm Settings for the Church Year]

Psalm 19 (see Psalm 36)

Psalm 23 (1999) Three editions of the ICEL translation:
1. Assembly with accompaniment
2. and 3. See The Lord Is My Shepherd for two anthem editions.

Psalm 32 (1977)
SST or SAB w/ Organ [Augsburg 11-0682 OP]

Psalm 36:5-10 & Psalm 19:1-6 (1977)
Chanted psalm tones with harmonized refrains for Choir and/or Assembly

Psalm 46 Multiple settings:
1. Tone 2 with Refrain
2. Anglican Chant Festival Setting (2009) for Brass, Percussion, Organ, and opt. Assembly
3. STB Cantors/Choir using 3 combination tones and Assembly Refrain plus an Acclamation and Offertory for Reformation
4. Gregorian Antiphon and Verses with Electronic Tape (1975)
5. See God Is Our Refuge and Strength (2017)
6. See There Is a River (2009)

Psalm 47 (See Arise and Shine, Our Light Has Come! 1970)

Psalm 65 (See You Are to be Praised, O God, in Zion, 2015)

Psalm 86:11-18 (2017) with music repurposed from Psalm 16 Listen
SATB, Oboe, Assembly, Organ

Psalm 89:1-4, 15-18 (2017) Listen
Responsive Psalm with Refrain and Choral ending SSAB

Psalm 92 (2006, 2020 New Edition)
1. SATB divisi, a cappella (2006) [Augsburg, Psalm Settings for the Church Year, Vol. 2]
2. SSAATTBB in Two A Cappella Psalms under category: Advanced A Cappella Works

Psalm 95 (see also, Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord, 2010]) Two Settings:
2011: Unison with Descant, Oboe or Violin, Assembly, and Piano
2017: Cantor/Choir, Keyboard, and Assembly (rhythmic setting based on Venite from Weber Morning Prayer)

Psalm 98 (2008)
For the wedding of Cory and Jessica Westby
SATB and Organ with opt. Assembly refrain

Psalm 99 (see The Lord Reigns, 2003)

Psalm 100 (2002) See Make a Joyful Noise for SATB
Unison Canticle in C Major for Assembly and Organ

Psalm 111 (1977)
For our wedding on December 30, 1977 at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Meriden, CT
SATB, Soprano and Tenor Solos, and Organ w/ opt. Assembly

Psalm 112 (1993) Tone VIII, 2 and Refrain
Cantor, Assembly, and Organ

Psalm 124 (2006)
SATB a cappella (2006) [Augsburg, Psalm Settings for the Church Year, Vol. 2
[Found also under Two A Cappella Psalms in Advanced A Cappella]

Psalm 145
1. Vv. 8-14, 21 Unison Psalm Tone with Accompaniment and SATB Refrain
2. Vv. 1-4 See One Generation Shall Laud Your Works to Another in Advanced A Cappella

Psalm 148 (1989) Two Settings:
1: Offertory for Thanksgiving for SA or Unison with Organ or Piano
2: Praise the Name of the Lord for Unison Trebles and Organ [Augsburg 11-7544 OP]

Psalm 150 (2002) Listen
For the wedding of Rebekah and Michael Costello
SATB, Trumpet, Organ, Assembly Refrain, opt. String Quartet