Service Music

MUSIC FOR HOLY COMMUNION with Assembly & Accompaniment Editions

  1. Holy Emmanuel Liturgy (2012), unified setting based on my Sanctus at
    ELW 189 and commissioned by my first parish, Holy Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, PA Assembly Kyrie-Gloria This Is the Feast Sanctus Agnus Dei Nunc dimittis Worthy Is Christ [alternate]
  2. Sewanee Eucharist Responses (2018): Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei (Rite I and II) SATB a cappella
  3. Christ Church Mass for the Anglican Church of Vienna (1978): Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei (Rite I) Gloria Sanctus Agnus Dei
  4. Liturgy of the Holy Trinity (2000) Complete setting including chants for the presiding minister
  5. Service in E-flat (2019): Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Nunc dimittis
  6. Divine Service (2002) draft for Lutheran Service Book (Complete Liturgy)
  7. Mass of Hope–New Catholic Mass (2009):
    Kyrie, Gloria, Alleluia, Sanctus, Mystery of Faith, Agnus Dei, Lord’s Prayer
  8. Unity Mass (1995), a unified setting based on my music of an historic prayer
  9. De Angelis Mass (Mass VIII), simplified Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei
  10. Slovak Liturgy Service & Chants (in English) (1993)
  11. Festival Sanctus (2016), for Assembly, Organ, Brass, and Timpani Listen Assembly


  1. Weber Morning Prayer (1976)Yale Divinity School and Lenoir-Rhyne University; published as Music for Morning Prayer (1999) [Augsburg Fortress OP]
    Weber Morning Prayer
    Weber Morning Prayer during a pandemic
  2. Morning Prayer II (2011): Dialog, Venite, and Gospel Canticle
  3. LBW Evening Prayer Harmonized for SATB
  4. Weber Evening Prayer (1975)


Gospel Acclamation & Descant for Christmas Eve (1992) based on “Silent Night”
Sung as an introduction to and descant for “Silent Night
Two-part Mixed, SSA, or SAB and Organ
Gospel Acclamation for Epiphany (1970)
Companion piece to Arise and Shine, Our Light Has Come!
Unison, Organ, Timpani, and Cymbals
Gospel Acclamation for Epiphany 5A
Unison and Organ

Offertory for the Season of Lent, “Be Imitators of God” (1970)
Baritone Solo, Unison Choir, Oboe, and Organ
Gospel Acclamation & Fanfare for Easter Day (1979)
SATB, Trumpet, and Organ
Gospel Acclamation and Offertory for Easter 2
Unison Cantor/Choir and Organ
Gospel Acclamation and Offertory for Easter 4
Unison Cantor/Choir and Organ
Offertory Verses for the Easter Season (1990)
Unison Choir and Organ with Assembly refrain based on PALESTRINA

Gospel Acclamation for The Day of Pentecost (1998)
Acclamation and Sequence Hymn for Pentecost
Two-part Mixed, 2 Trumpets, Organ, Opt. Assembly
Pentecost Sequence Hymn (2001) – Veni, Creator Spiritus & Veni Sancte Spiritus
SSATB, Flute, Oboe, Opt. Handbells, Assembly, Organ
Gospel Acclamations for Pentecost 15-22A & St. Thomas (2007)
Cantor/Unison Choir and Organ [Augsburg Fortress: Gospel Acclamations for Summer]
Gospel Acclamations Pentecost 19 – Christ the King (1981)
Concordia Publishing House: Verses and Offertory Sentences, Volume II
Accompaniment Edition: 97-5510; Choir Edition: 97-5507

Gospel Acclamation for the Installation of a Bishop (2015)
Version 1 (Extended Text): SSATB, 2-3 Trumpets, 2 Trombones (or Horn), opt. Tuba, Timpani, Organ and Assembly
Version 2 (Short Text): Unison or SATB, 2-3 Trumpets, 2 Trombones (or Horn), opt. Tuba, Timpani, Organ, Assembly
Either version may be performed with Organ alone.
Festival Acclamations on the 450th Anniversary of the Augsburg Confession (1980)
SATB div, 3 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Organ
Gospel Acclamation and Offertory for Mission/Ordination/Saints Days
(See “You Shall Be My Witnesses”)
Gospel Acclamation and Offertory for the New Creation (1986)
SATB divisi and Organ